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15 uber rides in 4 days!?

Last month was one of my busiest filming months to date! I was finishing off filming one of my craziest ever films shoots involving shooting in 9 different, beautiful locations over just 4 days in London.

These fun locations were in places like stunning London theatres as well as Google's newly opened London head office. The adventure started on a fresh October morning and involved a total of 15 Uber Rides, using up 13 memory cards and emptying over 24 batteries! The final product involved delivering no less than 10 independent videos that captured each and every event alongside testimonials and key takeaways from every single event.

This is the IAB wrap up video for the whole week:

For me it was an awesome opportunity to meet and film some of the biggest names in the industry! So for marketing professionals it must felt like going to Glastonbury!

Over the week of the event I got to film and meet not only the directors of some of the biggest companies in the world, but a variety of celebrities like Joanna Lumley, Ella Eyre, rugby legend Lawrence Dialogo, YouTube star Alfie Deyes, Piers Morgan and the controversial columnist Katie Hopkins to name just a few!

Cheltenham Freelance Videographer

This exciting week was hosted by an incredible marketing trade association called IAB UK who put on a yearly digital upfront event.


"The IAB UK Digital Upfronts are a showcase of premium digital advertising opportunities from the UK’s leading content creators, media owners and tech companies"


I was hired as a videographer to film and edit the exciting and engaging wrap videos for the 9 events held over the 4 days. These companies included Facebook, Google, YouTube, AOL, Yahoo, Global, JC Decaux, Mail Brands, Buzzfeed and Twitter. The week was so crazy and hectic as the events were dotted all over London in different locations. However with some careful planning and a highly organised camera assistant, we were able to capture everything that we needed!

The aim of the event videos was to promote the IAB Upfront event for 2017 by giving future attendees a flavour of what they can expect next year.

Below is Twitter's Upfront event wrap video

If you are looking for high quality event videos filmed, please get in touch on my homepage here -

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